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Around 7pm on Sunday January 3rd, 2010, my daughter called me complaining that the house was 'cold'. I was in my car driving along the Garden State Parkway and about an hour away from home. We had a programable thermostat and had just returned from a trip out of town and I figured that the problem was that the temperature was still set at 60 degrees as it was while we were away. She said "...no Dad, thats not it... I already looked into that as a source of the problem..its not the thermostat." I said I'd be home soon and look into it."

When I arrived home around 8pm Sunday night I found that the fan blower was on but there was no heat. I googled 'heating and cooling 08742' I called a few listings that came up and hung up when I was transfered to a voice mail box. I called another prominently listed repair service and the answering service asked "is this an emergency?" I said I'm not sure what constitutes an emergency but its 20 degrees out and I don't have any heat. She said "well if its an emergency I'll have a technician call you back tonight, if not they will call you tomorrow" I said "the house temperature is down to 60 degrees, there are no senior citizens in the house, I'm not sure what constitutes an emergency..I don't want to pay extra for a service call if that's what you mean" The woman said "I'll have a technician call you.

When an hour went by and no one had called I returned to the google search results page. I saw a listing for Midstreams Heating and Cooling. I thought I might as well call one more company. The phone call to Midstreams was answered on the second ring. The voice on the other end was from 'Kenny" the owner of Midstreams Heating and Cooling. I said, "Are you making service calls tonight?" He asked me to tell him about the problem. I asked "Do you charge extra for coming over on a Sunday night? He said "No the service charge is the same..I don't charge extra because its Sunday or at night." I explained the problem and he said that he could be there in 30 minutes. He said that if it was a bad part he could only fix it if he had the part on the truck, but that sometimes it isn't a part, but at least he could diagnose the problem.

Kenny was there in less than 30 minutes. He determined that the problem was a bad igniter. He removed the old igniter and tried to clean it but was not successful as it was from a 20 year old system. Kenny said that he would call around Monday morning and try and find a new one. At 9 am Monday morning Kenny called and said he had found a replacement at a parts center in Toms River. By 10am he was back at my house. By 10:20 am Monday morning the heat was back on. The total price of part and repair was more than fair. I would recommend Midstreams Heating and Cooling and Kenny to anyone with a heating or cooling problem.

-Kevin L.
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Midstreams installed a brand new furnace and central air conditioning unit in our 3 bedroom Beachwood ranch. We wanted central air, but our existing furnace was old and needed to be upgraded anyway. The conversion kit to allow a new air conditioner to be added on would have been expensive, so we chose to get a whole new system. We got a couple of quotes and even the other contractors couldn't argue that what Midstreams was offering us was unbeatable. When the guys came to change it out they worked quickly and cleaned up every bit of evidence that they had even been there. They were also patient and kind to my 3 year old who was very curious about what they were doing. Midstreams balanced the house so both my heat and air give us an even temperature throughout all the rooms. They followed up with us after the job was done to make sure we were satisfied. I highly recommend Midstreams as a great HVAC contractor!

- Lisa Mazzuca
Beachwood, NJ

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